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Sustainability has been the buzzword off late but what is Sustainability and what does it mean?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Living sustainably simply means that you're making a conscious choice to live a certain way that will ultimately reduce your impact on the Earth and won't deplete it's resources. Sustainability is an option we face in our day to day life choices and making simple informed adjustments daily leads us towards a balanced life. Where work and play have an equal place and we recognise our right to pause to retrain and recover.

SDG Goals

Sustainability is led by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals. Some of the new additions are climate change, economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice. The goals are interconnected and the success of one will reduce issues associated with the other.

At a national level, the SDG goals provide clear guidelines and targets for all countries to adopt in accordance with their own priorities and environmental challenges.

While the SGD goals are meant to ignite the spirit of partnership and pragmatism, the right to change and make sustainable choices to improve our lives remain ours. Communicating our thoughts, negotiating preferences and setting clear boundaries enable sustainable living. Our choices impact not only us but our future generations in more than economic ways - through our genes, values, teachings, inheritance and soil. Let's recognise the fact that it is going to take a great amount of effort to undo unsustainable practices however we can always begin with a few small steps.

Here's a little gift from us, a tool to calculate your carbon emission, to begin your journey in Sustainability.

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