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Sustainability - No Easy Feat

The evolution of sustainability is on point - though no easy feat. We live in a world with excessive unaudited, unregulated information and if you are confused with what is happening, here's a wonderful diagram that shows the progress sustainability has made.

It's April 2023 and the good news is that most listed companies have hired their CSO officers while the more competitive ones are expanding their sustainability units. More companies are submitting their sustainability disclosures to their regulators albeit with flexibility on the disclosure standards followed. Almost all organisations have an ESG plegde on their corporate website. Most organisations have prepared a roadmap with clear goals promising a cut in carbon emission into half by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This transitory journey will increase operating cost in the beginning. This impact can be reduced with careful management of cashflow in the short term and optimising through economies of scale in the long term.

Sustainability panel discussions are everywhere. They are leading all types of events debating regulations, challenges and needs. Topics from Scope 1-3, Article 6, Nature-based solutions, Emergence of Green Fintechs, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management top the agenda of C-Suite executives.

If you are new to sustainability or are keen in learning more, here are some Hiring and Learning resources that we have found useful;


“Sustainable Investing, The Ultimate In Trying To Hire People Who Don't Exist Yet” - from Neil Farrell -

“Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Factors and Green Productivity: The Impacts of Greenwashing and Competence Greenwashing on Sustainable Finance and ESG Investing” - from Dr. Kim Schumacher, PhD, CEnv -

Free Courses from the United Nations

1. My Sustainable Living Challenge:

2. Sustainable Lifestyles:

3. Digital Sustainability Learning Path:

4. Circular Economy and the 2030 Agenda:

5. Resource efficiency:

6. Environmental SDG Indicators:

7. Competitiveness Through Enterprise Sustainability:

8. The Role of Standards in Sustainable Supply Chains:

9. Quality Management:

10. Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility:

11. Introduction to Standards and Sustainability:

12. E-Commerce: A facilitating guide for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME):

13. Investment Project Preparation and Appraisal:

14. WIPO Primer on Intellectual Property (DL-001):

15. Industry 4.0 – An Introduction:

16. International Business Alliance:

17. Financial Development and Financial Inclusion:

18. The Net-Zero Standard:

19. An Introduction to E-Waste Policy:

20. The SDG Primer:

21. Energy Statistics:

22. Youth, Peace, and Security Primer:

Its wonderful to see the world chime a similar song. Whilst every country might have their own version of change, what's certain is that nature has again won against man's hubris - a reocurring theme in autobiographies of renowned leaders and hidden within award winning poetry from great poets.


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